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Certified Technicians

We replace everything from heater cores to repairing industrial radiators and a whole lot more.

Air Conditioning Service and Repairs in Langley

Whether you see your car as a passion project or simply as a method of getting to and from work, you owe it to yourself to trust only the most experienced mechanics for those specialized repairs that may arise. Your vehicle’s AC won’t last forever. When it comes to your cooling and air conditioning needs, look no further than the certified technicians at Richardson Radiator and Air Conditioning Services for assistance. Nobody understands the demands involved in heating and cooling your vehicle better than us. We stock a wide array of AC parts at our Langley shop. Richardson Radiators specializes in all types of vehicle air conditioning diagnosing and repairs.

Leak testing

Component repairs and replacements

Custom AC hose and repairing

Alum welding

And more

As your classic car cooling professionals in the Lower Mainland, we also handle custom projects involving vintage air installations and custom A/C lines. Speak with us today!

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