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Service for Radiators and More in Langley

Richardson Radiator and Air Conditioning Services provides complete diagnostic services and repairs for cooling and air conditioning systems. We specialize in quality repairs for radiators at our Langley location, and assist customers throughout the Lower Mainland. Our shop keeps a large inventory of replacement parts on hand including cores, tanks and heaters. And our certified technicians are qualified to service a wide range of components:


Heater cores

Water pumps


Frost plugs


Fan belts

Timing belts

Oil coolers

Heat exchangers

EGR coolers (cleaning and testing)

Custom vintage air installation

Custom A/C lines

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Additional Services

Custom aluminum radiators (hotrods/classic cars, motorhomes and race cars)

Custom hot rod radiators (copper, brass)

Automotive, forklift, heavy truck and industrial radiators (repairs and recore work)

Power flush cooling systems

Aluminum fuel tanks (welds, repairs, modifications and extensions)

Gas tanks (repairs and relines) steel 

Air to air chargers (2-year warranty)

Aluminum welding

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